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How is our efficiency, which trouble do we have and why? Where do we lose production and which defects are produced? These are the key question for a plant manager today.

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The Heye PlantPilot is an Information technology solution especially developed for the container glass production. It helps to centralise, structure and display all these data.


The glass plant generates a couple of important information for the production process: At the Hot End, where the bottles are produced, at the Cold End, where the bottle are inspected and packed. Important information are also generated in the laboratory for statistic measurements and in the mould shop. But all information are not centralised, they are widespread over the plant. All these data will be aggregated to get a complete overview about the production. The operator can comment each event in the system. The next shift can see what happened why in the shift before. The group director can compare different plants. In the process monitoring data, which arise from the production process (quantities, inspection results, tool changes, messages etc.), are evaluated and presented in a clearly laid out way. To assure the quality, measuring data are collected by automatic or semi-automatic random sample inspections, either in the laboratory or online.

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