Heye Quality Control Software

The high quality standards on hollow glass articles request various inspections and measurements. The Heye Quality Control Software QCLab facilitates these procedures essentially and gives support to keep the quality of your articles within the given limits.


  • Facilitates the quality control immensely
  • Operates under Windows®
  • Simple operation
  • Can either be operated as stand-alone unit or in connection with the Heye Plant Management System
  • Open measuring device interface technology, i.e. data of various measuring devices can be processed (e.g. Emhart ISIS automatic dimensional gauging and weight measurement system)
  • Article data are stored in a database and are available anytime, e.g. after a job change
  • Various measuring units are connectable
  • Registration of measuring data possible
  • Statistical evaluations can be printed out for each measuring series
  • The process can be controlled by charts and distribution diagrams

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