Ware Handling for best results

In modern glass container manufacture, high production results require good forming techniques. There is also a need for a modern ware handling system to meet increasing speed and precision demands. Heye International provides...[more]

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Heye and Iris cooperate at Carib Glassworks

Camera and check inspection solutions specialists, Iris Inspection machines and Heye International have gathered in a synergy. The cold end alliance, named WENSPECT, has proved working together as one, its ability to overcome...[more]

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Maximising the advantages of process visualisation

Ardagh Group’s Knottingley glass container facility in the UK is benefitting from the recent conversion of an existing production line to Simotion® servo drive and FMT control technology. Glassmachinery, Plants &...[more]

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Optimal offsite support by Heye’s remote service portfolio

Having offsite access to client’s production devices is extremely useful, especially when quick response is vital as production is down or support in an event of emergency becomes inevitable. Similarly, offsite expert support is...[more]

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Retirement of Dirk Pörtner, Managing Director of Heye International

As a progressive company, Heye-International is always looking ahead and not backwards. However, special events give us an opportunity to look back on mutual successes with joy, pride and gratitude. The retirement of Heye...[more]

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New Support for Global Heye Team

We are Glass People Heye welcomes the French company Cadres en Mission as new sales agent in its Glass People community. As representative to the market Mrs. Mélanie Basset will manage all Heye PlantPilot and Quality Control...[more]

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