Erfolgreiche Remote-Installation in Thailand

    When machinery and equipment is to be installed, our Heye experts travel around the world – usually. But what is still „usual“ and „normal“ these days? We are all longing to return to the good old times when terms such as „social distancing“, „home schooling“ or „travel restrictions“ did not determine our lifes. And yes, we WILL get back to these good times one day. But this requires patience and stamina – and new ideas and steps in the meantime.


    So we are very proud that again, Heye experts - in cooperation with a great customer’s team on site - successfully installed and commissioned an IS-machine via REMOTE ACCESS.


    The 8 Sect. 5inch DG IS-machine (overhauled) runs NNPB operation and produces lightweight juice bottles.


    This project was accomplished remotely with Heye experts‘ knowledge in Germany and powerful performance of the L. Lighting Glass team in Thailand. Our thanks also go to our local partner in Bangkok who tremendeously supported the team on-site.