Closed-loop gob weight control

The Heye Process Control for IS-Machines is designed to monitor the pressing processes of all plunger mechanisms of an IS-Machine. The real time display and supervision of all pressing processes is very comfortable. An article database containing all article depending parameters eases job changes. Leading fillers insist on the application of the Heye Process Control.

  • Process Control with Press Duration
  • Heye pressing mechanism
  • Heye forming pressure settings
  • data exchange press duration control
  • Heye pressing mechanism


  • Single and tandem feeder IS-Machines with up to 60 cavities
  • Quick change of the plunger cylinders
  • Practical experience with more than 1000 systems


  • Recognition of beginning malfunctions at the earliest moment
  • Defective articles will be rejected
  • Reject statistics shows the efficiency distribution by all cavities
  • Message with possible reasons allows immediate specific remedy by the machine operator

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