Section Box Exchange

A high output is the core requirement for the plant manager. Not always, however, all IS-machines can be replaced during a furnace overhaul. For many IS-Machines Heye offers new section-boxes with clear interfaces, as well as high-quality mechanisms.


In addition, our production experts can check the status of your feeder and ware handling equipment. Often it makes sense to go for the latest automation technology in order to reduce job change times and to improve the product quality.

  • Performance
  • Precision
  • Power


  • Reduction of project costs
  • Increasing of production speed and quality
  • Re-use of most of the variables
  • Reduction of downtimes

Basic Procedure by Heye

  • Drawing-up a budget range
  • Assessment of the actual machine condition by our skilled experts
  • Scope recommendation 
  • Drawing-up a quotation incl. definition of Interfaces 
  • Setting-up a project plan  
  • Manufacturing of section boxes in the Heye workshops 
  • Supply of the equipment 
  • Dismantling the existing boxes and mechanisms under the supervision of Heye experts 
  • Installation of new equipment 
  • Commissioning

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