Heye Servo Gob Distributor 2173

The Heye Servo Gob Distributor Type 2173 is applicable for IS-Machines with up to 12 sections. An operation with single-, double- , triple gob for up to 12 sections is possible.


To control the servo motor the Heye Simotion® Servodrive is used. Also please see product description “Heye Simotion® Servodrive”.

Gob Distributor Type 2173
  • Gob Distributor Type 2173
  • Gob Distributor Type 2173


  • High number of cycles
  • Electrical drive with three-phase servo-motor
  • Precise run
  • Long lifetime
  • Simple operation
  • Use on IS-machines with up to 12 sections
  • Available for SG, DG and TG

Scope of Delivery

  • Gob Distributor
  • Control cabinet with connection cables
  • Control box (local operation)
  • Gob interceptor

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