Servo Invert

For fast motion cycles

The Heye Servo Invert serves to transport parisons from the blank mould to the blow mould. It has been designed as retrofit unit. Existing „variables“ such as neck ring holders, blow mould holders etc. can still be used.

  • Servo Invert
  • Heye Servo Invert


  • Applicable in IS-Machines from 4 ¼” DG to 4 ¼” TG
  • Optimised motion profiles by a servo electric drive
  • Motion times up to 450 ms possible
  • Bracket with optimised stiffness
  • Easily accessible motor
  • Maintenance-free spur gearing
  • Simple oil level control by dipstick
  • Hinge pin retainer to compensate dynamic forces acting on the blow mould holder


  • Driven by an electrical servo motor
  • Freely selectable motion profiles
  • All settings (times and angle positions) are kept reproducibly
  • Programmable position above the blow mould and blank mould
  • Conventional neck ring holders can still be used
  • Maintenance-free spur gearing
  • Easily adaptable to existing machines
  • Already existing HMST control cabinets can be upgraded

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