Servo Takeout

With different selectable motion profiles

The Heye Servo Takeout serves to transport finally blown glass articles in a careful way from the blow mould onto the dead plate.

  • Servo Takeout
  • Heye Servo Takeout


  • Smooth movement compared to pneumatic drives
  • All motion profiles are reproducible
  • The motion profiles and the gripper position can be adapted during run
  • The system is individually adjustable in all coordinates relative to the mould centre
  • Gripper bridges and grippers of pneumatical systems can still be used

Scope of Delivery

The Heye Servo Takeout is either part of a complete IS-Machine or will be supplied as conversion kit

for an IS-Machine. Part of a conversion kit are:


  • Complete Takeouts (without gripper bridges and grippers)
  • Clamping stop rings for the takeout arm according to the customer’s specification
  • In case of an initial equipment: alignment gauge
  • Cable- and cooling air pipes
  • If needed 3/2-way valve for the gripper control
  • Control cabinet
  • Motor cable set
  • Connection box „motor and resolver cable“
  • Cable set „Control cabinet – connection box“
  • In case of initial equipment: PC for visualisation

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