Heye SpeedLine -
Evolution in IS-Machines

Heye foresees four major requirements in the IS-Machine business:


  • high levels of safety
  • optimum cleanliness and user-friendliness
  • high quality
  • high speed
Heye Status Lighting for IS Machines
  • Heye Status Lighting for IS Machines
  • The Heye SpeedLine - Evolution in IS-Maschines
  • Heye SpeedLine Concept
  • Heye Swabbing Robot
  • Clean Design on Scoop Beam
  • Energy Chain - Clear Interfaces
  • High-Speed Warehandling
  • Machine Bed
  • Machine Belt
  • Clean Design on Blow Side
  • Precise Delivery
  • Proportional Valves
  • Pusher Casings

Safety and clean design are factors that belong together, because staff and equipment alike need to be protected. As machine downtimes decrease, the quality of products and profitability increase. Integrated control features mean knowing the condition of equipment constantly.



  • reduces the number of errors
  • avoids wasteful troubleshooting
  • results in less exchange of components


Heye was careful to engineer an evolution - not a revolution -

to ensure that plants can still use existing mechanisms and variables.

High Speed at high quality - for many years to come

  • High safety and high usability to protect staff and equipment
  • Clear interfaces for fast installation and exchange of parts
  • Clean design to fulfil HACCP requirements
  • Flexibility through modular design
  • Same core - same variables

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