Closed-Loop Wall Thickness Control

Constant press duration

Our solution controls the individual phases of the pressing process. The patented procedure records how long the plunger stays in the glass and then regulates the pressure and time accordingly. Control of the press duration, i.e. the time the plunger remains in the glass, ensures repeatable wall thicknesses. This is a critical quality feature in hollow glass production.

Advantages of the Heye Press Duration Control
  • Advantages of the Heye Press Duration Control
  • Process Control with Press Duration Control
  • Heye press mechanism
  • Curve showing Heye press duration control
  • Heye proportional valve
  • Forming pressure settings
  • NNPB Press Duration Control

Optimal Usability

The automatic press duration control is an optional component of the Heye Process Control.


  • A job database enables fast and convenient job changes
  • All pressure and time values can be preset on the monitor
  • A bar graph of the pressure stages shows potential differences between individual cavities
  • Limit value excesses are displayed in plain text
  • A pressure sensor in the proportional valve shows the pressure course as a line diagram over time


Extensive diagnostic tools are included in the package.


The Heye Press Duration Control


  • ensures a repeatable wall thickness
  • maximises quality
  • maximises safety
  • maximises profit

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