Blank Mould Cooling

Carefully selected variables and spare parts guarantee a high process quality.
Heye International stands for innovative design, combined with precise manufacturing and long lifetime.

Blank Mould Axial Cooling

The Blank Mould Axial Cooling is available for 5“ DG, 6 ¼“ DG and 4 ¼“ TG.
The system is designed to cool the blank moulds axially and to cool the neck rings radially with fan air in IS-Machines.

Blank Mould Cooling HIFLOW

The Blank Mould Cooling HiFLOW is available for 5” DG, 6 1/4” DG and 4 1/4” TG.
This newly developed cooling permits an ideal heat removal out of the blank mould. Due to the variable configuration and simple adjustability nearly every application can be covered.

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