Pusher Type 2154

Combining robustness and high transport speeds

The E-Pusher type 2154 is a reliable robust system for the article transport at IS-Machines with conveyor speeds of up to 60 m/min. This system uses proven components such as stepper motor, crank drive, overload clutch and a frictional shaft-/hub connection.

  • Pusher 2154
  • Pusher Type 2154
  • Pusher 2154


  • The high torque of the stepper motor allows high push-out speeds and the movement of heavy finger plates
  • Standardised drive block for right-hand and left-hand delivery
  • Adjustable rotation radius from 230 mm to 300 mm
  • Positive mounting of the drive block at the base plate
  • Integrated air connections in the base plate
  • Timing is programmable in dependence on pusher cycle or machine cycle

Stepper Motor Control

  • The angular speed of the stepper motor can be modulated. Thus, continuous changes in speed and an optimum adaption of the speed during the push-out motion are possible.
  • Superimposed current modulation for the drive motor to limit the temperature rise of the motor.
  • Eight control board outputs to control the pneumatic valves (e.g. for pusher cylinder forward/return, air jets at the dead plate, etc.).
  • Fifteen speed profiles are directly accessible.
  • Additional profiles can be loaded anytime using a personal computer.

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