Servo Pusher type 2157

Combining ease of use and long lifetime

The 2-axis Servo Pusher type 2157 is part of the Heye Modular Servo Technology (HMST). It is used at IS-Machines with up to 24 sections – preferably in double gob operation.

  • Servo Pusher
  • 2-Axis Servo Pusher
  • 2-Axis Servo Pusher
  • Motion Profile of 2-Axis Servo Pusher 2157


  • Service reduced operation, minimum wear, long lifetime
  • Simple operation of the Pusher by setting the parameters via dialogue:
    Motion and speed profiles can be adapted to the article geometry and transport speed even during run
  • Compressed air to influence the article transport is not obligatory. If, nevertheless, compressed air should be needed due to production speed and weight of the article, “Integrated Pocket Air” is used. For it, the dead plate is equipped with an air distributor.
  • Most of the movable parts are located below the machine conveyor level inside the pusher housing and are thus protected against environmental influences such as heat or dirt
  • Quick and simple exchange of the entire finger support including fingers
  • Robust pusher fingers made of stainless steel (”soft touch” plating on request)
  • In case of a collision and thereby resulting position loss the Pusher returns to its home position so that it can be avoided that the bottle transport of the neighbouring sections will be affected. After a blocking the Pusher restarts automatically
  • Switching output available to switch the gob off or to stop the section if the Pusher completely fails
  • Coupling with any IS E-Timing possible
  • Also available for TG applications

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