QCLab - High quality delivered to customers

The high quality standards on hollow glass articles request various quality controls and measurements. To meet these standards, Heye developed a solution for the laboratory : QCLab

Take control

Automatic devices are connected to QCLab, which will retrieve automatically all quality control results from a centralized database. With QCLab, the quality department is focused on the quality of the controlled articles: Capacity, thickness, pressure, automatic dimensional devices, etc.


The quality of the results is enhanced! No more manual inputs, no more risk of mistakes and no more paper. Control charts and distribution diagrams help to supervise, evaluate the process and anticipate on drifts. The plant reduces customers’ risks thanks to full traceability.


  • Quality control results centralised in a database
  • Predefined reports 
  • No more paper for the lab quality controls 
  • Automatic machines connected to QCLab to ensure high quality results
  • Reduces risks of mistakes, thanks to automatic controls registrations
  • Saves time thanks to shared information with the production (if PlantPilot installed)
  • Evaluates the process and anticipates on drifts : Gauss curves and SPC charts
  • Reduces customers’ risks thanks fo full traceability

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