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09.05.2016 12:05 Age: 7 yrs
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Heye equipment for Brazilian greenfield project

Beginning of December, a new plant operation in Estancia, Brazil, has started. Heye International has been selected as partner for supply of production technology. Verallia, one of the global leaders in glass packaging for the food and beverage sectors, has built the greenfield plant in Estancia, in Brazil’s north eastern state of Sergipe. This is now the glassmaker’s fourth production facility in Brazil and its first in the country’s north eastern region. The site will employ around 140 people when its first melting furnace is commissioned. Initially, the plant will produce 80,000 tonnes/year of glass bottles and jars for food and beverages and primarily will serve the region’s growing local customer base.

Heye International’s involvement with stage one of the Estancia greenfield project involves the supply of specialist equipment for use between the feeder mechanism and lehr loader for two high speed production lines.

The scope of supply includes Heye Servo plungers, double motor shears and gob distributors, serving two high productivity, 5 ½’’ centre distance IS-Machines. One is a 12-section tandem IS-Machine (2 x 6-section machines), the other a 16-section tandem (2 x 8-section). Also included as part of the Heye International supply contract is a full complement of ware handling equipment, comprising pushers, ware transfers, cross conveyors and lehr loaders.