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Intelligent information management

Where are the losses along the line? How do we retrieve events occurred during the production? How do we improve the efficiency of the plant? These are the key question for a plant manager today.

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Smart Pioneer

As pioneer in the development of solutions for the glass industry dedicated to Hot End and Cold End, Heye further developed an intelligent system for the smart glass plant of the future : The PlantPilot.


Thanks to the PlantPilot, all data from the production lines are centralised in a database. At a glance, operators and managers have a general overview of the actual production tendency in the plant.
The modularity of the system enables also manual inputs. Operators and shift managers can enter any important information, such as visual controls, warning messages to the HE/CE operators, downtimes, tool changes, etc. Thus, glassworks take decisions based on facts. They save time and improve their efficiency, thanks to real time KPI’s spread all over the plant. The reports and data are available at any time.


  • Modularity : Retrieve data automatically and enter manual inputs
  • Real-time KPI’s ​
  • Centralised database
  • Time saving
  • Efficieny improvement
  • Reports and data available at any time
  • Compatible with existing hardware from the glassworks
  • Intelligent system for the smart glass plant of the future
  • continuous efficiency boost by software maintenance agreement

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