Heye Simotion® Servodrive

This highly-flexible control is based on the future-proof multi axis drive System Simotion® of Siemens. Excellent reliability of the electronic components in combination with the application of a compact servo motor with robust resolver guarantee a reliable non-stop operation.


® = Simotion is a registered trademark of Siemens

  • Dual Motor Shears
  • Dual Motor Shears
  • Heye Lehr Loader 4206
  • Heye Servo Plunger
  • Heye Ware Transfer 4220
  • Heye Servo Gob Distributor 2171
  • Heye Simotion® Control Cabinet

Advantages of the Process Visualisation

  • High availability by an independently operating visualisation and real time control
  • Easy access on all parameters
  • Error report for all systems

Advantages of the Control

  • Repeatable motion profile
  • Additional servo axes can be upgraded in a modular way
  • Parameters can be set during the motion
  • No active electronics in the IS-Machine area

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Heye Simotion® Servodrive Compact

Our new highlight is a compact version with smaller control cabinet.

This stand-alone solution is suitable for new lines but also as a retrofit variant for existing concepts.


® = Simotion is a registered trademark of Siemens

Flexible Implementation

The Heye Simotion® Servodrive Compact will be available
for machine components like:

  • Plunger
  • Dual Motor Shears
  • Gob Distributor
  • Lehr Loader


An easy handling is guaranteed by an independently operating
visualisation, a 6" touchscreen, allowing:

  • Easy parameter setting
  • Information like cycle times
  • System messages

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