5 1/2'' DG SpeedLine

Standard solution with robust features -
for high efficiency production

The high-performance 5 1/2” DG Heye SpeedLine IS -Machine is available for up to 24 sections.
According to the customers’ needs the machine can either be utilised for Blow & Blow, Press & Blow or for NNPB.


  • Available for up to 24 sections
  • Applicable for B&B, P&B and NNPB
  • High-performance
  • High-speed
  • Reproducible motion patterns, especially in connection with Heye servo components (e.g. Heye Servo Invert, Servo Takeout, Servo Pushers)
  • Lightweight and high-quality products can be produced
  • Applicable even for widemouth articles
  • Process supervision easily possible by integrating the Heye Process Control

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